Monday, June 22, 2009

Home made Amchur Powder

When right mangoes are in season my Mom makes this amchur powder and stores it for us.when ever we visit her during the rest of the year we bring back a big packet of this with us.
We use this in just about anything and everything that needs mango and things that need a tangy taste.This is one very useful ways that worked out for us to use the mango crop every year in my parent's house.

To make this,it takes some time but it is really worth it.

  • When u have right ,firm,sour mangoes in season, take a few,wash,dry and peel them after cutting the stalk.
  • Grate the mango and dry it in the hot sun for 3-4 days or till you feel it very dry and no moisture left out.
  • Store it just as it is or grind it once for a more finer constituency.It can be stored for more than a year.

We use it to make many things like mango rice or mamidikaya pulihara,mango dal or mamidikaya pappu,coconut-mango chutney,moong dal-mango chutney to name a few.I also use this a substitute for tamarind in many recipes.

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