Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pesara avakaya

It’s been a while since I posted any recipes in blog these days. One of the reasons was because I was busy with my sister for the past few days with the entire sister talk, going around,taking care of kids, with little cooking and of course some was shopping too. I met my sister atleast after two and half years as both of us were not in the same country for all these days.So, there was so much for us to talk, laugh, share, fight and enjoy all the fun. I am very lucky to have such a nice sister. We are only two sisters and with no boys in the house we don’t know how it would have been if we had a brother.But, may be I strongly feel we wouldn’t have had that intimacy and fun as we sisters had.

Today I’ll be sharing some recipes which my sister made. About my recipe here , I feel my mom makes the best Andhra pickles on this earth. One of her all time famous pickles is this pesara avakaya.All these years being in US, I missed my moms pickles. But after my sister came to visit me, she brought back those good old days by replicating the pickle exactly with my mom’s taste. To our surprise it was the first time even she made this pickle. I will say, any pickle lover should taste this pesara avakaya.It is just so heavenly that you cannot stop eating it until the pickle is over. This has been our family favorite for many years.

As making this pickle is very easy, we make this in very small quantities each time we make so that it has that fresh taste every time.

To make this pickle

1 raw mango chopped into bite size pieces
2 cups moong dal powder (My mom usually sun dries for a day or two. But as we could not dry them in sun ,we dry roasted the dal and powdered it.)
1 cup red chilli powder
¾ cup salt
1 tsp mustard powder


Mix all these ingredients with little oil and keep it covered for a day. After a day, season it by frying a table spoon of mustard seems.2-3 dry red chilies broken into small pieces and hing to taste in a table spoon of hot oil.


  1. I have one brother, no sister at all. I think it's fun to have a sister, brothers are different, specially after they get married!:P
    Enjoy your sister!:)
    I made lemon pickle with urad dal pd too, tastes great. Beautiful mango pickle!:)

  2. Yes, you are right! there will be more intimacy between two sisters rather than sis-bro. I have two daughters and I can feel that. Thanks for sharing the easy and yummy pesara avakaya.

  3. What a mouthwatering pickle. tappakunda try cheyyali. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mouthwatering pickle and got a lovely colour!

  5. that looks so good...
    I noticed you live in Tampa...We used to live there 2 yrs ago in Carrollwood.I miss it sometimes....

    take care, will drop by again!


  6. You have a very good blog madhavi. Its all nicely put. One of my ex-colleagues sent me urs. BTW i am going to try pesara avakaya pretty soon, will let u know how it turned out. I am big fan of this pickle, i had it long long back at someone's place.. so its nostalgic to think of it.
    Thanks for posting it.
    -Madhoo (


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