Thursday, February 7, 2008

Aritikaya Bajji(Plantain Bajjis)

Assorted Bajjis,Muri mixture(bhel puri) and Spiced raw mango slices.These are the street foods that come into mind when I think of my very own native vizag beach. Ask any vizagite and the first thing they miss apart from their family and friends is these street foods.Even I am one among them.No wonder everytime I visit vizag now,I visit beach only to have these street foods. How ever much we try to replicate the taste,it is only an effort but not the exact one.One such effort I made in the recent times is this aritikaya(plantain) bajjis stuffed with onions

Bajjis are a deep fried snack where vegetables most commonly such as onion,potato,plantain,eggplant,ridge gourd are cut into thin round discs and are dipped in little spiced chickpea - rice flour combined batter.Other veggies and greens like cauliflower ,cabbage and spinach are also commonly used.

To make the ones I made ,


1.5 cup chick pea flour(besan/senagapindi)
1/2 cup rice flour
1 tsp red chilly powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp carom seeds roughly crushed(cumin also can be used)
Pinch of baking soda
1 medium sized plantain peeled and cut into round discs

To make the batter,mix all the dry ingredients,add water little by little while stirring until the batter reaches thin pan cake batter consistency.
To make bajjis,heat 1 cup or enough oil to deep fry in a pan.Dip plantain circles in the batter to coat both sides then gently drop into hot oil.Repeat in batches for the remaining discs .Deep fry in medium flame,till golden on both sides.Drain on to a paper towel and bajjis are ready to stuff.Can be had just as it is with any pickle like avakaya.
For the stuffing, dry roast one tsp raw peanuts.Let cool and crush corasely with hand.Finely chop half of a medium onion.Add a pinch of salt,chilly powder and 2 tsps lemon juice.Also add one or two cilantro sprigs finely chopped .Let this stand for a minute.
While the bajjis are still warm,make a slit and stuff with the prepared onion mixture.


  1. looks very tempting madhavi...all time fav

  2. You have been busy frying like me. I tend to fry more in Winter that in Summer!:))
    Both Bajjis and Spinach pakoras looks yum. I have never added onion on Bajjis, got to try!

  3. Did u say mango slices dear, my my I miss that indeed! Bajjis look yummy!

  4. nice bajjis i made bhajji with potato yesterday....urs looks good

  5. Aratikaya bajji tastes great. One of my fav. Your blog is cool with all my fav. recipes.

  6. Srivalli!Mirchi Bajji and any bajjis my favs too..
    Asha!Yes Asha,I am a little more into frying for some or the other reason these days. This year I hardly felt winter in Tampa ,FL.Would be nice if it was a little more cool.Do try the onion stuffing next time.It makes them divine.
    Namratha!I especially miss those hot mirchi bajjis.It's been at least more than a year I made them.will have to make some soon.
    Thanks Deepa.
    Thank you Shanti Bhanu!Even I made some with potato with left over batter.
    Uma!thanks for lovely comment.I visited your blog too and loved all the recipes,will try carrot pickle and aritikaya podi.

  7. wow..first time here...nice blog dear..most of the reccipes r new to me..baji sounds wonderful..thanks for sharing


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