Friday, December 21, 2007

Methi Dal Paratha

I made these methi dal parathas the other day for my two year old daughter who likes to eat food that is easy for her to hold and non sticky.She usually prefers food like dosa,chapati etc and hates pastes.So,I came up with these attractive parathas for her.
I made methi dal.Took about three scoops of dal and added whole wheat flour just enough to make pliable dough for paratha,sprinkling water when needed. Rolled out parathas and used airplane,apple,butterfly and star shaped cookie cutters for these shapes . Heat tava and smear oil if desired , roast the parathas in batches on both sides for 2 Min's each or till brown spots appear on both sides. I think this can be a great menu for kids lunch boxes.


  1. Wow.. Madhavi.. thats a great idea to get toddlers to eat healthy. I bet even adults would love these parathas.

  2. Nice way to get her to eat Madhavi :)

  3. madhavi parathas look so cute wonderfull idea

  4. This is such a wonderful idea to make the children to eat by them selves:))

  5. That's really a great tip to make fun shaped parathas for kids. Wonderful way to make them eat the food full of nutrients. Thanks for sharing


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