Monday, December 17, 2007

Cinnamon Glazed Almonds

I first tasted these deadly,warm addictive tasty nuts in a nuts shop in the mall.Ever since its been routine for me to shop holding a cone of warm nuts every time I visit the place.These nuts are just so heavenly and today I am here trying my own method of these nuts and they came out equally tasty. I don't know the original method and wished I could.But I am glad I could make equally tasty ones.
As it was the first time I was trying I didn't want to go for a large amount.So,I used a fistful of almonds,2 tbsp sugar,1 tsp softened butter,1/2 tsp cinnamon and 2 tsp water.
In a dry pan,toast almonds and keep aside.In the same pan,add sugar and butter and keep stirring on low flame until it forms a caramel glaze. Add cinnamon and stir ,add 2 tsp water.Stir and when this mixture forms bubbles,add toasted almonds.Stir and take onto a plate covered with aluminum foil. If nuts stick together separate them using hands.
This is my entry for click event of Jai and Bee for the month of December.

Also,This will be my second entry for Sunita's " Think Spice - Think Cinnamon "


  1. wow, those sure must be smelling heavenly! I've had glazed pecans before and they taste great, so almonds must be wonderful too:)

  2. What a combo, almonds and cinnamon, mind blowing Madhavi :) Love the nuts and the heart shaped bowl, perfect entry!

  3. Nuts and cinnamon....Good one dear

  4. Novel Idea, dear madhavi...!!Great entry!

  5. Delicious almonds
    Wonderful combination

  6. pic looks tempting and delecious almonds

  7. Pass me a cup full pleeeeeeeeeassse

  8. Thanks for those lovely nuts :-)

  9. hmmm heavenly smell of nuts n cinnmon...grt idea..

  10. Hi there Madhavi you have a lovely blog. :)

    It is so funny because I picked up some honey glazed almonds in a shop last week but put them back when I saw the price. I have made my own before with honey but I love the way you made these almonds with cinnamon they look absoloutley wonderful! Great post Cinnamon almonds sound delicious. :-)

  11. Thanks for leaving your kind comments.. You have an array of recipes here.. I became nostalgic when i saw your post on Thokkudu Laddu, as it was my fav when i was a kid, and my grandma used to send me from Ongole(as soon as they were freshly home made in the adjacent house ).. I never heard of them in my place though.. Thanks for reminding all those.. And your recipes are very good dear, i like your stuffed ridge gourd, dosakaya pachadi, and kura karam,, and many more....

  12. @Mansi!
    believe me Mansi.They are so addictive.
    @ Namratha!Me too love the bowl Namratha.It si actually a glass bowl for 97 cents from walmart.Great na.
    @Kalva!really a good one Kalva.
    @rakskitchen!Thank you Rakskitchen.
    @Nags!great munchies a winter evening nags.
    @Happycook,Sagari!Thank you .
    @Lakshmi!That bowl is for you dear.

  13. @Sunita!Thank you Sunita.
    @Remya!Very tasty ones.Try them out remya.
    @ jeena!Hey,thanks for all those lovely words jeena. Honey glazed?new to me.will have to try them out some time.thanks for a great idea.cinnamon - sugar - butter combo.oh! very mcuh inviting smell !!
    @Kalva!thanks for all those sweet words dear.let me know if you try any of my recipes.will be glad to know feedback.


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