Saturday, November 10, 2007

Moong dal vada

Yesterday on Diwali,I made this moong dal vada. It was relatively easy compared to urad dal vada i soaking time and frying time. Soak 2 cups of moong dal for half an hour and grind to a coarse paste using water.Add 1 tbsp of rice flour. Add ginger - green chillies and jeera paste. Add chopped onions. Season with required salt and mix everything to form a thick vada batter.Take a small lemon sized ball and press with fingers to form a flat patty and carefully drop into hot oil and fry both sides till golden and drain onto a paper towel.


  1. Madhavi- these look delicious!, I make them too,great with tomato ketchup!

  2. Looks delicious madhavi!: Hope you had a great diwali!:)

  3. Looks Yummy Madhavi..'ld love to try it...

    Yeah I know Devi..and meeru choosina aa profile naade...Thanks for the compliments dear..

  4. Madhavi,

    these look really crispy... yum. can I have a little bite?

  5. @Bindiya!
    They are great with any dip or just as it is.
    @Pushpa! thanks
    @ latha!
    We had a great diwali this year Latha!we got to enjoy some fire crackers the next day of diwali in temple here.Thay distributed crackers there and we all enjoyed. @ Sgari!
    Thank you sagari
    Let me know how they come out if you try them .Will be happy to know abt.
    You can have all three of them dear


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