Monday, October 1, 2007

Veggie Spring Rolls

Spring rolls have been my family favourite all the time. So,I decided to give a try.I chose to make my own version of shape because firstly I was not comfortable making those nice looking rolls,secondly,these shapes occupy less space to fry.

All I did to make this spring rolls was

For the filling -> Saute finely chopped onions,then add finely chopped cabbage,carrot and beans and stir fry until cooked. Add boiled and drained noodles if desired(I skipped this step). Add one teaspoon soy sauce and season with salt and pepper

For the outer roll -> I used 1.5 cups of all purpose flour 1 tbsp corn starch or suji,salt,1tbsp each of milk and curd,1/4 tsp salt. To make the dough,sift flour along with salt into a bowl.Add suji/corn starch,add,milk and curd. Knead into a pliable dough adding water as needed to form a stiff dough.
I made small balls out of the dough and rolled them out into thin chapatis and using a tumbler cut into small circles,stuffed with a little stuffing and folded all the edges towards the centre to look like onion and gave a twist and deep fried in oil. The best part I found with this shape was ,it was easy to fry and perfect to eat too.


  1. the modak looking rolls are a great idea..i hear you on these occupying less means more to eat!! yum

  2. Hey now that I come to think of it, the modaka shaped rolls are not bad at all...saves the trouble of rolling and getting those 'perfect' roll shapes! I will keep your recipe in mind when I try spring rolls the next time :)

  3. it's really useful to know how to make the wrappers if you don't have them readymade. thanks.

  4. @Rajitha,Namratha
    It was really easy to make these shapes. Iam not good in making those perfect looking spring rolls.So,tried my hand at this shape and it worked out good.
    ya!these can be made fresh and no worries of sheets breaking and cracking.
    thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Hi Madhavi.. i like ur concept of veggie world... thanks for coming by.. and by the way i thought eggs are a must for making the spring rolls... glad to see that i can try them without eggs... will see u often...


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