Monday, September 17, 2007

Super Soft Mallige idly

Mallige Idly is totally new to me.I never heard of this or tasted this before. After reading Seema's Post on Mallige Idly,I bookmarked it to try once. These idlies are super soft and fluffy. Thankss Seema for the nice recipe. Usually I make idlies with idly rava . But this time I tried this recipe from here and this one is very easy.This is my entry for RCI -Karnataka hosted by Asha.


  1. I tried them too, they were very yummy! Looks great Madhavi, thanks girl!:))

  2. mallige idly from roadside stalls is such a cherished memory for me :)

  3. It looks really good. I love idlis.

  4. Really looks fluffy and soft. Very soon I am going to try them and will give you the feedback too. Great entry. Thanks for sharing.

  5. madhavi..the idlies look mouth is watering...

  6. @Asha!
    they were really very soft and fluffy and I liked them too.
    I never heard or tasted mallige idly before.This is the first time I ate them Lakshmi
    @happy cook
    Idly is our everyday breakfast these days.We like eating idlies everyday
    Plz let me know how they turn out.Will be very glad to hear bak from you
    have them for your next breakfast whenever possible .they were too good rajitha!

  7. I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to find the recipe on your blog :(

  8. can some please share the recipe for Super soft Mallige idly. I am desperately looking for the recipe.



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