Monday, September 17, 2007

Okra with Peanuts and coconut

Today I experimented okra with coconut and peanuts. I was inspired to make this recipe from the famous "Bendakaya pakodi kura" which is popularly served in weddings. But that dish involves deep frying pakodis ,which I was not intersted today. So, with a little imagination I skipped the pakodi part and seasoned with ground coconut~green chilly paste and the result ,we liked this one better and Iam now going to make this as often as possible.Making this curry was very easy and in almost no time at all.

All I did was chopped 15 clean okra/bendakayalu,heated a skillet with one teaspoon oil,fried fistful of peanuts,took them out on a paper towel,then add and toast popu,added chopped okra. Let it cook till okra circles are tender. Now,grind about 1 tbsp of grated coconut with 2 green chillies,1/4 tsp cumin seeds and added this to the cooked okra. Seasoned with required salt and finally added the fried peanuts before stirring everything gently and served with hot steaming rice.

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  1. Adding Peanuts is great idea, looks delicious!:))


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