Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stuffed Capsicum

This is another popular variety of Stuffed capsicum in my kitchen.This one is the most easiest and quickest way and I can ever do.

Small capsicums 4 or 1 big capsicum
half cup roasted chana dal
half of medium sized onion
green chillies 2 small
jeera 1 tsp
corainder leaves 4-5 sprigs
salt as required

De-seed capsicum after cutting the stalk carefully and make it hollow. If using a big jumbo capsicum,make it into two and them make the capsicum hollow by removing seeds. Make sure both pieces stand straight by trimming of the bottom if needed.
Gring coriander,green chillies,cumin to a fine powder.Now,add roasted chana dal/chutney dal and grind to fine powder. Mix this powder with finely chopped onions and a teaspoon or required oil to make it into a moist crumbly powder.
Stuff this mixture into hollow capsicums. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a wide pan and place capsicums carefully with filling side up. Cover and cook till capsicum is tender on all sides. It takes approximately 10-15 mins for this.

Alternatively, bake the stuffed capsicums in the oven a t 350F for 30 - 40 mins while brushing them with some oil or cooking spray

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  1. oh thanks madhavi for making this stuffed green pepper for me and eating on behalf of me



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