Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Seven Cups Sweet

Iam not really good in making sweets. So,I don't try new sweets on my own but instead try only classic old,especially simple sweets .
I tried this recipe from this blog and it came out too good.Iam not posting the recipe as I did not make any changes to it.I just followed exactly as the recipe said and it came out very delicious and melting.Here is the picture for seven cups sweet in my kitchen.
Thanks for the recipe Lakshmi !!
Iam sending this sweet as my contributiton for " Festive sweets for Janmastami ",event created and hosted by Latha of The'Yum'blog


  1. Hi Madhavi
    I have seen this sweet once in tv program.i know this sweet tastes very good.

  2. hey, those shapes look adorable :)

  3. @Asha,Swapna,Richa,
    Yes ,they were truly melting and yum. I bought heart shaped cookie cutter set last week.SO,I was just trying on almost everything I cud Richa!

  4. i just finished a dabba full of seven cup cake last week. :) thanks a ton for sending in your entry - early bird i must say :D.

    amma (latha) must have got your entry - will cross check with her.

    lakshmi (http://theyumblog.wordpress.com)

  5. Hi madhavi,
    I did not get your mail. Any way no problem in including this.You have made beautiful shape.
    I suggest that you link lakshmis name to the recipe url. other wise it goes to her home page.

  6. @latha,lakshmi
    thanks for visiting my blog and I'll re-send the link and other info to you Latha!I have changes those links.thanks for the suggestions


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