Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pickled Green Chillies

I almost thought that I'll skip JFI event forthis month. But,inspired by my favourite blogger Asha,I decided to rush my last minute entries today.This is my entry to JFI _ August. Hope nandita accepts them. Just before writing this i checked on her blog and saw that she is accepting till august 2nd.That was so nice of you Nandita!good for last minute rushers like me.Thanks again!

coming to the recipe,

Pick any variety of green chillies(tender ones are good though),clean,wash,wipe dry,slit in the middle and carefully deseed using a toothpick and add these deeseeded chillies to about half cup of lime juice or vinegar. Add a teaspoon of salt to this.After an hour pickled green chillies are ready to eat with anything. Refrigerate and these are good to eat for many days. Goes good with bland foods like dal,roti etc.


  1. Great quick and delicious recipe for chillies!:)
    I used to soak them Vinegar and salt too.After 3 days ,they are good enough to eat just like that.Slurp!

  2. Hey,Its been long since you blogged,All well? First comment here but i always read every post here:)


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