Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Masala Papad

I don't know if this is authentic Punjabi food or not but I remember having these masala papads and " jaljeera - a cumin flavoured drink" in Punjabi dhabas. This is second recipe for the RCI - Punjabi Cuisine hosted by Richa.


papad of any size(I used baby papads)

very finely chopped tomato,onion

grated carrot

lemon juice

salt,cumin powder,chat masala powder,red chilly powder


Mix all the chopped vegetables with salt and lemon juice. roast papad in microwave for 1 minute and sprinkle the vegetable mixture on roasted papad. Season with cumin powder,chat masala and red chilly powder to spice up. Enjoy as a delicous starter by itself or accompany it with any hot soup.


  1. Great Snack and great entry.

  2. Looks like a yummy snack.First time here I think,how did I miss your blog all these time.Happy blogging.I will go and check all your posts now!:))

  3. Lovely entry.. Now that i have learnt to bake papad in microwave, I'll be making these often.. thx for sharing!

  4. Thanks Hima,Asha and Arts.
    Yes!Masala papad is instant and yummy snack.hope you all enjoy it too.


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