Friday, July 27, 2007

Aloo -Chana Chaat

Yesterday was yet another day to experiment in my kitchen. I have read about this aloo chat in many books and websites,but have never dared to try it,thinking that the main ingredient was just some boiled potato and so it might be tasting bland. But then,thinking about something instant and delicious to make yesterday I gave it a try but with my own version. All the recipes I have read had just mixing boiled potato with some dry spice powders. But I thought of giving it a change and I took only the base version and made it according to my taste and liking. And ,it was a great success indeed! My friends liked it and one of them made for her husband just immediately after going home. and good to know he liked t too. I was happy to know is the recipe to make it.

for the ingredients,there is no exact procedure on how much you should take you can always add more or less depending on your taste.
boiled potato cut into cubes
soaked and boiled chana
*add a spoon of salt when boiling chana and potatoes

chopped onion
jeera powder
chat masala
chopped coriander/cilantro
red chilly powder
tamarind chutney

* I always use Knorr brand tamarind sauce for tamarind chutney.I find it very much handy and tasty.I would recommend to buy this. Tamarind sauce is available even in Maggi brand .but I haven't used this. Tamarind sauce is availabale in any local Indian stores.

grated carrot
curd whipped with half tsp of salt and one teaspoon of sugar

To make chat,arrange potato pieces in a plate or bowl. Add chick peas and sprinkle 1 tsp of chopped onions. Add one tablespoon of whipped curd. Sprinkle jeera powder,chat masala,red chilly powder. Drizzle tamarind sauce. Garnish with sev,chopped cilantro and grated carrot. Delicious chat is ready


  1. Oh, you are making me drool in the early morning today!Looks yum!!

  2. Chaat is my favorite snack.When i was in hostel (A.U,Vizag)we used to have it every now and then.Hostel bayata chinna chinna carts meda petti ammutaru kada..i am remembering those days now....:-)

  3. Chat is looking great. We miss them here in san antonio.

  4. Thank you Asha!

    Avunu Swapna.manam entha baga chesina aa street side taste tisukuralemu. I miss that street side panipuri sometimes.

    Thanks Hima!we have few shops here in Tampa.But,we can make great chaats at home too with a little effort.


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