Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rava Rotti & Magai Pachchadi

Every saturday evening,it is a " Tiffin Time " in my house. We usually have a tiffin for our saturday night dinner. So Iam constantly on a search for new tiffins that are more like dinner ,easy to make and with very little or no oil. Today,I found one interesting recipe,rava rotti , for my need from Latha's blog - Masalamagic. It was very easy and great tasting too with very little oil(just to smear on the pan in between). I could not pat the rotti on the pan comfortably,may be because this is the first time Iam trying this kind of rotti. So,I opted to make the batter a little more thin in consistency and scopped out with laddle onto the pan. That was easy !!..

I had this rotti with our altime favourite ,magai perugu pachchadi. I must tell all of you ,that this pachchadi Iam talking about is just so easy to make and very tasty. There is a avid crazy fan club of this pachchadi in my family .My sister and my husband like this pachchadi very much. There is big list of the fan club members. :)
For the rotti,I just mixed the batter approximately without any measurements. I used 2 medium sized onions finely chopped ,2 green chillies chopped,1/2 tsp jeera crushed and 1/4 tsp red chilly powder and just as much rava needed to make a thick batter. I mixed everything using water to make batter (thicker than dosa batter ) and once the dosa tawa is heated, scooped out a laddle onto the hot tawa and spreaded it .Smear oil if needed .Roasted both sides and delicious rava rotti is ready.
for the magai pachchadi,I have the magai pickle my mom sent to me.
Take a table spoon of magai pickle and grind along with one onion and 3-4 green chillies and mix this paste with atble spoon of curd.That's it.Enjoy with anything from any tiffin to any rice . This just melts away with anything.

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  1. let me enter the fan club madhavi.i too very fond of this mom used to do this for idli also..


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