Monday, June 11, 2007

Kottimeera Patoli

Everyone who is familiar with Andhra Cuisine and Tamil Cusine knows patoli or usli.Describing the dish briefly,it is medley of crumbly,crunchy vegetable - lentil combination . Today my recipe here is with a variation, unlike the regular chanadal and veggies. I came to know about this recipe from my mom when I visited her recently.This patoli is great in taste and easy to make. After tasting this kottimeera patoli made by mom that day I felt patoli goes great even with greens. After really very long time yesterday I made this dish and here Iam sharing the recipe and pictures with you all.


Coriander(cilantro) leaves finely chopped 1 cup or as desired
Half medium sized onion chopped
Besan(chick pea flour) about 1 cup or as required
salt as required
chilly powder as required
For Seasoning/Tadka
1 tsp urad dal
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp jeera
2 dry red chillies
4/5 curry leaves
In a bowl,mix chopped cilantro,finely chopped onion,red chilly powder,salt to form a thick batter sprinkling water in between. In a wide pan,heat 1 tbsp oil and add and toast seasoning ingredients. Now add the cilantro - besan batter and stir it fine so that it is evenly mixed with tadka ingredients. Add little more oil if needed and cover for 2 mins. after 2 mins stir the batter again and keep stirring continously untill you get a crumbly crunchy besan mixture. Serve hot with rice or munch it as a snack as it is. Nice smell of kottimeera/cilantro is appetizing and it is yummy. My mom makes this without onion.

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