Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vegetables in Tamarind Sauce(Mukkala Pulusu)

recipe source: My Mom
prep' time: 20 mins
serves: 3-4 people

Unlike the other sambhar's of south india ,this speciality stew of Andhra can be done with either one vegetable or a combination of vegetables and it does not have dal. I have known this dish as a very easy and yet speciality which is usuallly prepared during functions and festive occasions. It has a sweet and a sour taste. The taste level can be adjusted according to your requirement. The most common vegetables chosen for this dish are bottle guard,pumpkin,drumstick,sweet potato ,brinjal,okra. But any vegetables of your choice can be picked up. Today I used the following


2 small brinjals
2 okra
1/2 onion
1/2 carrot
key lime sized tamarind
1 tbsp of grated jaggery/sugar
salt to taste
1/2 tsp chillipowder
a pinch of turmeric powder
1 tbsp rice flour
1/2 tsp sambhar powder(optional)
for tadka/seasoning
1 dry red chilly
1/2 tsp methi seeds/fenugreek
1/4 tsp jeera/curry leaves
1 big pinch of hing/asfoetida
curry leaves/coriander leaves


Wash,peel and chop onion into big pieces.Wash,peel and chop carrots into rounds. Wash,pat dry and chop okra into 1 inch pieces after trimming off head and tail parts. Wash and trim off the stalk part and chop brinjal into bite size pieces. Take all these veggies into a deep sauce pan and add a big glass of water and bring to boil. Add salt ,turmeric and jaggery.Cook all the vegtables till soft but not mushy. Meanwhile add tamarind to a small bowl of hot water and cover and let it stand till water is cooled and extract tamrind juice. Add this juice to the vegetable combination. Check the spice and salt level. Adjust if needed. Take a tbsp of rice flour and mix with water to form a thin syrup of dosa batter consistency.This is used to thicken the liquid.Use a strainer while adding this to the liquid to avoid any lumps Cornflour or besan can also be used for this purpose.Turn off heat.
Now,take a tsp oil in a tadka pan and add and toast all the popu/seasoning ingredients. Add this to the stew and garnish with coriander leaves.Serve with rice along with papad.

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