Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dondakaya kura(Tindora Fry with Kura Karam)

recipe source: My Mom
prep' time: 20 mins
serves: 2-3 people

one of my favourite veggie which is available fresh and tender almost through out the year both here and back in my home town Vizag,is Dondakaya/Tindora. This is my all time favourite vegetable and this vegetable is one reason that makes me go to Indian store here every friday,the day we get fresh veggies here. I usually do 3 kinds of curries with this. The first one is very common Dondakaya fry,the second fry with kura karam(click here) and third with coconut. The first recipe is very common and already there in many blogs and can be found here.

link1 (from Sailaja's Sailusfood)

link2(from Indira's Mahanandi)

Even though I already sent few entries to Latha's RCI - Andhra Cuisine. Today I thought I'll post this one as my last entry. After all,being an Andhrite,majority of my blog's recipes are from Andhra Cuisine. :)Click on the icon to know more about this event.
For now ,I'll post the second one - my favourite.
15-20 fresh dondakayalu/tindora
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp kura karam(curry powder)

After washing and pat drying the dondakayalu/tindora cut off the head and tail parts and then slit and chop into thin long pieces as shown in the picture. Take a wide skillet ,add oil,let it heat and then add dondakayalu/tindora. Add salt and cover. Let it cook till soft but cruncy ocassianally stirring in between. Then add 1tbsp kura karam and stir for a min and turn off stove. Serve hot with rice.


  1. Hi Madhavi,

    Dondakaya with koora karam looks mouthwatering.


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